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Digital Frustrations

I made two big leaps this week.  One, to switch from Windows PC to Mac, and to quit Instagram. The switch from PC to Mac has been, and still is, painful.  Actually, it’s mostly Western Digital that has been the biggest issue.  Trying to migrate […]


Macchine Inutili

I don’t have any new work to share.  The last half of December was dominated by the Holidays, then there was the back-to-work rush, and now I am getting caught up on printing various projects from 2016. When I do get caught up on printing, […]

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Goodbye Flickr, Hello Ello

I deleted my Flickr account today.  I haven’t used it in months.  Over the years I have tried to get into Flickr, because I think I ought to use it, but I really can’t stand it.  I don’t have any specific criticisms for the site, […]

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Print Exchange

In my last post, Create a Dialogue, I wrote about reaching out to establish more meaningful communication with other photographers and artists.  Since then I have created several dialogues with other photographers about not only their work, but their experiences with social media and how […]

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Create a Dialogue

Recently I have been reaching out to others photographers, ones whose work I appreciate, and started creating dialogues with them through email.   Likes and comments on posts are nice, but having a proper conversation with an exchange of ideas is better.  Most of the comments […]


Decluttering My Social Media

If you don’t use it, get rid of it. I have always flirted with minimalism.  For instance, I’ve never owned a microwave.  This last year, however, I have really focused on removing material possessions from my life.  It has included selling excess furniture that sits […]


Curate Your Social Media

One of the best things I ever did was unfollow nearly all of those who I followed on Instagram.  Social Media is not just networking, it is entertainment, obligation, and a chore.  Instagram (all of them really) want you to connect all of your accounts, […]

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