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Melanie (part 2)

I realize this blog has gone with out an update for a few months now, but I really haven’t been shooting much.  I did, however, spend an afternoon making some photographs of Melanie for a second time.  

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I met with Marianne for the first time during my recent trip to Montreal.  We talked a lot about body image, and she confided in me that for a long time she had a hard time accepting herself and struggled with an eating disorder.  She […]

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Montreal Footnotes Part I

This was my third time shooting in Montreal, and I have to say, every time I go back I enjoy it that much more.  I am not a fan of large cities, but I make an exception for Montreal. I went there to make photographs, […]


Photographing Pretty Girls

This weekend I am heading back to Montreal to photograph several people, all pretty female models.  Some I have worked with before, others I’ll be meeting for the first time.  Going into this weekend, I keep thinking about when I photographed Melanie last year (from […]

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The Winter Slump

After New Year’s, I never bothered to start back up again.  It was dark, and cold, and for the first time in my life I really let the season get to me.  I think it might have been different if we still had the winters […]

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Macchine Inutili

I don’t have any new work to share.  The last half of December was dominated by the Holidays, then there was the back-to-work rush, and now I am getting caught up on printing various projects from 2016. When I do get caught up on printing, […]

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Late last year, November I think, I met with an old friend who I met through roller derby to make some photos.  I had wanted to photograph Melanie for some time, but I can be quite shy when it comes to asking friends.  (I am […]

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Montreal Part 2 of 3: Nathalie Kas

The second shoot of the day was with Nathalie Kas, whom I have photographed before.  We cycled through a couple of set-ups, including one where Nathalie wore this wonderful red and purple striped vintage dress shirt.  Only thing is, I mistakenly loaded a roll of […]

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Film (and Beautiful Women)

“In a way, I’m not sure I care why I make photos, what they mean, and what their purpose is.” – Chris Norris Currently I am held up in a budget hotel with agonizingly slow wifi, and heavy snowfall outside.  I am drinking cold coffee […]

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