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Day 10: Returning Home

After getting back to Cape Breton by way of the Blue Puttees ferry, I drove as far as Truro, Nova Scotia before getting a room for the night at the Tidal Bore Inn.  After a few hours of sleep, and a bit of an explore […]


Day 9: Newfoundland Pt 2

After a few days of bumming around Newfoundland, I’ve decided to return to the mainland. Last night I camped at Piping Plover beach, named for the endangered bird that nests there. I did all the normal camping things, including beer drinking, fire tending, and star […]

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Day 8: Newfoundland

“Nice camera, jackass!” Was the first thing a Newfie said to me when I went inland from the port.  I pulled over in a small town to take a landscape photo, and this was yelled by a man standing on his porch down the road. […]

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Day 5: Cape Breton

The ferry ride to Nova Scotia was great, complete with live music, free beer braised mussels, and whisky sampling.  Afterward, I decided to take a detour into Cape Breton.  The drive from Caribou to Cheticamp was a long one.  When I  finally arrived in town, […]

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Day 4: Leaving PEI

PEI was a tangential detour, and now I am queueing for the ferry to Nova Scotia.  My next destination is Cape Breton.   Last night I was invited to a pig roast held at a farm located somewhere in the “deep country.”  It’s an area […]

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Day 3: Prince Edward Island

I arrived in Prince Edward Island late afternoon yesterday.  I stayed the night in a seaside cottage on Egmont Bay.  I spent my time drinking beer and watching the sun set over the Northumberland Straight.    In the morning, I went swimming in the ocean […]

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Day One: Edmundston

At 06:00 this morning I departed Prince Edward County, embarking on my roadtrip though the Martimes. I drove straight to Edmundston, New Brunswick.  From here my pace will change significantly as I meander my way through the Atlantic provinces.   I’ve decided to shoot mostly […]