Digital Frustrations

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I made two big leaps this week.  One, to switch from Windows PC to Mac, and to quit Instagram.

The switch from PC to Mac has been, and still is, painful.  Actually, it’s mostly Western Digital that has been the biggest issue.  Trying to migrate my Lightroom catalogues has been an endless source of frustration.  I thought WD My Cloud would be a good option, but I cannot use it as a remote drive for active Lightroom editing nor can I upload directories. My WD My Book will work for that, but requires a dedicated power source to operate making it unsuitable for mobile use.  I’ve now ordered a third external hard drive, a WD Passport, that should allow me to store photos for active editing in Lightroom and be easy to cart around with me as I go from hotel to hotel.

As for quitting Instagram, it felt both good and a little scary.  I honestly don’t like looking at photos on my phone, it’s just convenient.  However, the dramatic shift IG has taken from a photo app to lifestyle app (and The Zuck turning it into a mini-Facebook rife with ads and dubious algorithms) I decided to quit.

The biggest fear I have is missing out, losing connection with people whom I seem to communicate with via the app, as well as meeting new people.  However, I made a note of everyone on their whom I wanted to maintain contact with, and for those that have RSS feeds, added them to my feed.  Going forward, I want to focus more on building a monthly or quarterly newsletter, improving my blog, and spending more time engaging with people through their blogs.  With that said, I my return to Snapchat, which seems to have less “baggage” than Instagram.

Image of Lyndsie Alguire, developed and scanned by the Canadian Film Lab.


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I am a film photographer based in Prince Edward County. I make images of people, places, and things - you know, nouns.

5 thoughts on “Digital Frustrations”

  1. HannahY says:

    Ahh I wondered what happened on IG? I follow your blog on here so I’m glad I’m not going to miss out on your work, as I really like it!

  2. I am never watching pic on my phone, cause I still use a “dumbphone” ;-). My friends are sometimes a bit bugged cause they have to write me an extra short message when they put some event in their whats app group.
    I think I would rather buy a tablet than a smartphone…
    Greets from Austria

    P.S.: Awesome pic !

    • Thanks! I have a flip phone (dumb phone) for work, it’s nice, but I think I travel too much to go without a smartphone. It’s so handy for banking on the road and finding places.

      • Yep, I totally agree with you… traveling without a smartphone can be pretty complicated these times ;-).

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