Montreal Part 1 of 3: Luca Max

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Back home, I have had the chance to really look at the scans from my trip to Montreal.  I had arranged to meet with three different models in one day, shooting back to back for about an hour each.  Luca, whom I was meeting for the first time, was the first shoot of the day.

I’ve given it a lot of thought, about what I wanted to write for these three posts, but in the end, all I really want to talk about is, “Am I happy with these?”  And, “What can I do to improve next time?”  There are so many amazing and insanely talented photographers out there, that comparing my work to theirs, is a dead end.  I’ll go even farther and say no one really ought to compare their work to others, but I digress.  What I want to focus on is, am I getting better?  I look at my stuff from a few years ago, and I would have to say “yes.”

Find Luca on Instagram as @Yucamax.  The 35mm film images were shot using a Nikon F100 and Portra film, developed and scanned by Downtown Camera in Toronto, ON.


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I am a film photographer based in Prince Edward County. I make images of people, places, and things - you know, nouns.

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