Film (and Beautiful Women)

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“In a way, I’m not sure I care why I make photos, what they mean, and what their purpose is.” – Chris Norris

Currently I am held up in a budget hotel with agonizingly slow wifi, and heavy snowfall outside.  I am drinking cold coffee and looking at film scans from a recent day of shooting in Montreal.  It took hours to get all of them downloaded.  Over the last couple of shoots, I have come to realise a few things.

First, despite the cost, challenges, and inconvenience of it, I now stand firmly in the film photography camp.  I started on film, and after years of playing with digital equipment, I have decided it’s just not for me.  I have a large jar full of pocket change amounting to hundreds of dollars labelled “FX Fund”; meant for a new DSLR.  It is instead going to be used for a new light meter.  (My last one suffered… catastrophic failure, years ago on a rainy late winter night in Northern Ontario while DoPing a short film.)

My second realisation, is that I enjoy making photographs of beautiful women.  For a long time I tried to find meaning in it, analysing the genre and my motives, but at the end of the day I don’t think it really matters.  I’m sure Freud would have an opinion on the matter, but ultimately, it’s what I like.  To quote photographer Chris Norris (The Chris Project), from an ongoing correspondence we’re having, “In a way, I’m not sure I care why I make photos, what they mean, and what their purpose is.”

I have a lot of images to go through, but here are some of my favourites.  Models include Nathalie Kas, Luca Max, and Lyndsie Alguire (also a musician and photographer).  All images made with a Nikon F100 and shot on Kodak Portra 400 and 800.  Developed and scanned by Downtown Camera in Toronto, ON.


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I am a film photographer based in Prince Edward County. I make images of people, places, and things - you know, nouns.

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