Day 10: Returning Home

Documentary, Maritime Roadtrip 2016

After getting back to Cape Breton by way of the Blue Puttees ferry, I drove as far as Truro, Nova Scotia before getting a room for the night at the Tidal Bore Inn.  After a few hours of sleep, and a bit of an explore around the hotel, I got back on the road and made it home by sundown.


The drive through New Brunswick was quite nice.  This time I chose the Appalachian route over the Acadian Coast.  It rained off and on, and the mountains were covered in a layer of mist.  During this drive I tried to figure out what I learned along this trip.  One thing I learned is that I have a deeper affection for people than I’d like to think.  I often like to tout myself as a part-time misanthropist, but I found that my happiness waxes and wanes with social interaction.  I guess I have just become accustomed to avoiding people as a form of self-defense.



I also discovered that no matter where I go, I seem to take the same photos as if I had stayed at home.  How this second revelation will affect my photography remains to be seen.  And on the topic of photography, despite schlepping a variety of lenses with me, I only shot with a 50mm (on my K1000, black and white film), a 35mm (on my F100, Portra 400 film), and the fixed lens X100T (35mm full frame equivalent).  The Instax printer proved to be a valuable tool for making friends and people smile.  I was a bit dubious of its affect, but it really is a door opener.


What’s left now is to mail off my rolls of film to be developed, have my car’s windscreen replaced, and take some time to reflect on this road trip that spanned over 6500km and six provinces.



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I am a film photographer based in Prince Edward County. I make images of people, places, and things - you know, nouns.

6 thoughts on “Day 10: Returning Home”

  1. Reading your posts makes me realize that I miss traveling on my own sometimes. Esp. when it comes to taking photographs. I’m terrible at making new friends though ; )

    • As am I, but the Instax printer really helped. For example, I took a photo of a man watching the churning water as the ferry’s engines fired up. I printed it and gave it to him. He was so happy, as was his wife and two daughters. I was a little shocked at how happy it made them.

      • I would be happy : ) I think it’s an incredibly nice gesture, no matter how simple it may seem. Esp. because most ‘tourists’ are probably busy taking selfies, and pay little attention to the people around them. I also think it’s easier to meet people when you are alone.

  2. Really enjoyed these posts of your vacation Jason. Really behind with catching up with your and other blogs ( too much time on instagram I think )
    On another note , how do you find wordpress ? Mine is a free account and its really buggy for posting , I think yours is possibly a paid account and was wondering if it works better ?

    • Thanks. Yes it is paid, and no bugs, but I am strongly thinking of switching to Square Space because of the limited options for displaying photo projects. However, handling the domain transfer will be a pain.

      • Square space or Wix were my other options too , really wanting a proper website as well as a blog ….

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