Day 9: Newfoundland Pt 2

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Documentary, Maritime Roadtrip 2016

After a few days of bumming around Newfoundland, I’ve decided to return to the mainland. Last night I camped at Piping Plover beach, named for the endangered bird that nests there. I did all the normal camping things, including beer drinking, fire tending, and star gazing.  

I awoke and left at dawn and went for an off-road drive along the beach, a 5km detour back to the Trans Canada Highway and then proceeded into Port-aux-Basque.  

I was surprised at the process required to leave Newfoundland.  First I had to show government ID at check point one.  At check point 2 I was asked if I had any plants or potatoes.  When I said, “yes” and showed him a box of Pringles with a smile, his reply was to search my car.  

At check point 3 I had to have my car washed.  Then at check point 4, a surly man smoking especially pungent cigarettes demanded to know if I had any animals.  Given the thorough search by the potato police, I thought they would have noticed by now if I had a moose smuggled onboard my three door hatchback.  And this point I realized it was too early to joke with this people, so I said “No.”

Dark clouds have rolled in, the forecast is calling for rain, and I am queued with the others waiting to board the ferry back to Cape Breton.  

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