Day One: Edmundston

Documentary, Maritime Roadtrip 2016

At 06:00 this morning I departed Prince Edward County, embarking on my roadtrip though the Martimes. I drove straight to Edmundston, New Brunswick.  From here my pace will change significantly as I meander my way through the Atlantic provinces.  

I’ve decided to shoot mostly film, however, I did bring my little Fuji X100T to take a few photos to update my blog as I progress along my journey.  

Currently, I am writing this post on my iPhone just outside my room, beer in hand, and the mosquitos are rolling in.  

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I am a film photographer based in Prince Edward County. I make images of people, places, and things - you know, nouns.

3 thoughts on “Day One: Edmundston”

  1. I particularly like the header image.
    These pictures make me realize that I have work to do with the Fuji. I love this camera, but it’s a handful. Too often, I don’t get the high image quality out of it that I know it is capable of. Esp. the jpgs tend to be disappointing, I always use the raw files to get it right. Which is fine, but I don’t think that should be necessary.
    Anyway. Looking forward to seeing more of your trip. Enjoy it.

    • These images are all out-of-camera JPGs, with +1 shadows, -1 highlights, -2 noise reduction, and +1 colour. I used to pixel peep a lot but eventually I learned to stop and just focus on other stuff. After all, there will always been something sharper – like the Phase One.

      • I’m actually very fond of the editing proces afterwards. And I also think it is an essential part of what I want to achieve. I feel that precision and control, no matter how small the adjustments, add to a sense of harmony and quiet that I like in my pictures, and even, for me, to its emotional value, But what bothers me is that I don’t master this camera yet, I don’t ‘own’ it, it owns me. I should spend more time with it, and experiment more with different settings. Thank you for reminding me : )

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