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For me, photography is an exercise in introspection.  Why I present it all, I am not sure, but I am starting to think I am just an exhibitionist.  It seems I am always trying to figure myself out.  Of all the people I know, I feel I know me the least.  The camera helps facilitate my curiosity of the world around me, however mundane, and my place in it.

Often people ask what I’m photographing, which is a hard question to answer. And the best what I’ve come up with is I just say: Life today.  – William Eggelston

I’ve decided to remove the links to my old portfolios until I have had a chance to fully revisit the concept of what a portfolio is, to me at least.  If a portfolio is meant to secure professional work as a photographer, and I am not looking for work, why have one?  I guess it is just a way of presenting a selection of my work.  However, presenting myself has always been one of my biggest challenges.  The blog format, an ever continuing, ever evolving practice seems to be the most suitable than a static selection of photos.

All photos were made with the Fuji X100T and VSCO.



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I am a film photographer based in Prince Edward County. I make images of people, places, and things - you know, nouns.

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