50 Stop (with Craig Scarr)


After months of photographing nothing but derelict shopping carts, handsome fire hydrants, and other still-life subjects found along Barton Street; I was back shooting people again, well a person.  The person was Craig Scarr, an actor and model.



Since having relocated to Hamilton/Burlington (for work), I have been reaching out to the local model/photographer/MUA community in an attempt to make friends and possibly some cool photos.  I tell people, “Hey, let’s hang out and make some photos.”  No money, and truth be told, it is not even TFP since I don’t promise anything.   Most people think I am a creep.  I admit, it is a bit of a bold experiment.  Still, some agree, and Craig was one of the first to say yes.  After an initial meeting, we decided upon 50 Stop as the setting.


50 Stop is an abandoned truck stop located at Fifty Road and South Service Road in Grimsby, ON.  We met up about an hour before golden hour.  We shot for 90 minutes.  I switched back and forth between my Fuji X100T, F100 with Portra 400 and then TMax 400 (underexposed two stops with plans to push), and a digital DSLR.  I still need to send the film to the lab, and the memory card for the DSLR is still in the camera, but here are a few choice shots from the X100T that jumped out at me.  Each camera had it’s own feel and style.  The Fuji was all about making “snapshots.”  And yes, they are all out-of-camera JPEGs.




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I am a film photographer based in Prince Edward County. I make images of people, places, and things - you know, nouns.

2 thoughts on “50 Stop (with Craig Scarr)”

  1. Bold indeed. I’m not sure if I would want to, approaching strangers for taking their portrait, but I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t have the guts to.
    I like that first one, for how the low sunlight illuminates the hand and profile. The smoke sort of ties it together.

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