Melanie (part 2)

I realize this blog has gone with out an update for a few months now, but I really haven’t been shooting much.  I did, however, spend an afternoon making some photographs of Melanie for a second time.  

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Back on the Island

After nearly two days of driving, I am back on Prince Edward Island.  Last year I only visited for a couple of days before moving on to Cape Breton, but this time I am here for a full week.  At first, I was only going […]

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I met with Marianne for the first time during my recent trip to Montreal.  We talked a lot about body image, and she confided in me that for a long time she had a hard time accepting herself and struggled with an eating disorder.  She […]

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Digital Frustrations

I made two big leaps this week.  One, to switch from Windows PC to Mac, and to quit Instagram. The switch from PC to Mac has been, and still is, painful.  Actually, it’s mostly Western Digital that has been the biggest issue.  Trying to migrate […]



I tend to think of money as being representative of units of my life expended.  This isn’t a new or unique view of it, in fact it served as the basis for the philosophy behind the book “Your Money or Your Life” by Vicki Robin […]

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The Cost of Film

I’ve been hybrid shooting for a year, and shooting only film for about seven months.  I love film, and I love film cameras, but I am starting to question the cost of shooting film. First there is the cost of the film.  I shoot 35mm, […]


Montreal Footnotes Part I

This was my third time shooting in Montreal, and I have to say, every time I go back I enjoy it that much more.  I am not a fan of large cities, but I make an exception for Montreal. I went there to make photographs, […]


Photographing Pretty Girls

This weekend I am heading back to Montreal to photograph several people, all pretty female models.  Some I have worked with before, others I’ll be meeting for the first time.  Going into this weekend, I keep thinking about when I photographed Melanie last year (from […]

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Cape Cod

Last month, I drove down to Cape Cod to visit family and hopefully make some photographs.  I enjoyed the drive down, but when I arrived, I didn’t really have much ambition to photograph anything.  Part of it was how similar Cape Cod is to Prince […]

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The Winter Slump

After New Year’s, I never bothered to start back up again.  It was dark, and cold, and for the first time in my life I really let the season get to me.  I think it might have been different if we still had the winters […]

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